About Us

Company History

Ohara Florist was established since 1970s and has built a sound reputation in its products and services.  The company name “Ohara” comes from the famous Japanese Ikebana School where Mrs. Chew or better known as Honey Bee received her Master in Ohara Ryu Ikebana Floral Art.  We provide various services in retailing such as worldwide flower delivery, fresh and artificial arrangements, bridal, funeral, gifts and accessories, antiques, paintings, and even floral courses.

Ohara Florist is a member of several International Organizations such as America Floral Society, Interflora, and World Flower Council.  We had also built a floral organization called Ohara Floral Society, which had received much recognition from the local community.  Mrs. Chew or better known as Honey Bee Lim is a well-known floral designer worldwide.  She holds an AIFD title (American Institute of Floral Designers) and recently received a WFC (World Flower Council) Floral Nobel Prize in year 2001.  In addition, she had contributed to numerous charity demonstrations and events throughout Malaysia.



Ohara Florist Sdn Bhd (111364-K)
21, Lintang Burmah,
10250 Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +60 4-228 6977
Tel/Fax: +60 4-228 6978


Objectives & Goals

To provide the best quality products and services for our valuable customers.  We want our customers, their friends and loved ones to be happy and satisfied receiving our services.  We recognize that not everyone has the same favorite flowers.  So, our slogan is “We customize our services just for you”.



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