August 4th 2019 – Reconnect with Nature at Karuna Hills


Reconnect to Nature
Date : 4th August 2019
Time : 10am-6pm
Venue : Karuna Hills, Balik Pulau

Aim: Spend the day at the picturesque nature of Karuna Hills, a beautiful durian plantation background while you immense yourself in the meditative action of flora arrangement.

We will show you:
– Ideal theme for different venues… more

Midorie Pafcal soilfree system

Green spaces without soil?

Almost all plants grow in soil.  Unfortunately, dirt crumbles easily and can be very difficult to work with.  Hydroponic conditions work for some plants, but require large and often expensive equipment. Pafcal, an innovative new material designed by Suntory through its flower business and plant science, can overcome both of … more

New Look

Ohara Florist is proud to announce the launching of our entirely new website, with the genuine intention to better serve our customers.  It has been several months of hard work to reach this moment, which we hope to offer broader floral arrangements and services, as well as, improved website user experience.

To celebrate this, Ohara … more