Flowers That Show Your Personality

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Dating back to the previous eras where strong confession of feelings are shunned, flowers are used as an object that symbolises certain meanings. Flowers are still used today to thank someone, congratulate their success, show your love to them or even to express sympathy.
Naturally, we are attracted to certain things without any reason, which includes flowers. A bunch of flowers and their characteristics and traits is listed and you can check the description of each flower to better understand yourself as well as the types of people surrounding you.


People who love roses tend to show a timid and quiet side, but they are romantic and deeply passionate. Although they sometimes seem arrogant or easily irritated, it is part of rose people as they are true to their personal emotions. Moreover, striking a strong façade publicly, rose people are extremely caring.




Orchid people tend to be worldly, knowledgeable and possess dynamic personalities that attract people around them. They have a keen eye for luxury. They care about their appearance, hence making the others longing for their attention, but orchid people tend to keep their circle of friends small.


Sunflower people favor comfort over style. They prefer to have homes full of warm furniture instead of stylish or contemporary décor. Sunflower people are joyous and love to connect themselves with other people and even animals.




Tulip people are excited about life and tend to gain new experiences. That excitement is contagious, so they have a lot of friends. Their style is affected by their mood, and they tend to cherish happy fun memories.

Calla Lily

Calla lily people are often extraordinary in their own way, yet they are low-key and tend not to involve in conflicts. They are diplomatic and have a calming presence. They like solving puzzles and strive to make the world a better place.

Calla Lilies


Peony people are sweet and appreciate small gestures. They tend to understand others and likes vintage style clothing. They believe in true love, fairytales and are great listeners.