6 Wedding Bouquets That You Mustn’t Missed For Your Big Day

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Marriage is a lifetime engagement whereas a wedding is a one-time ceremony that marks the start of a new life for the couple. And when it comes to weddings, flowers are always on the list whether it is a decoration on the wall, next to the walkway or the bouquet in a bride’s hands. 

Here are some wedding bouquet styles that you can consider to choose from:


This style consists of flowers flowing down like a waterfall pattern. The front design will showcase an upside-down teardrop shape, rounded at the top and forming a point at the bottom.  Variation of cascade designs include: Waterfall, Tear drop and conventional cascade.


This style of bouquet is sphere rounded and consists of grouping of flowers wrapped closely together by fabric or wire. It gives a very clean and symmetrical effect to your bouquet.


This bouquet consists of an arch that resembles a crescent moon. Usually the design has more flowers in the center and fewer to the sides, creating a tapered shape. You can also choose for symmetrical or asymmetrical crescent design.


This bouquet style consists of a round ball of flowers suspended from ribbon or twine, and worn by the wrist. Pearls or jewels can also be used to decorate the handles.  It looks very romantic and youthful for a bride, and more often used for bridesmaids or flower girls.


This bouquet is achieved by wiring numerous buds, petals, and blooms together that creates a single but enormous flower which in reality is made from a series of small flowers.


This bouquet design has no particular form, meaning every bouquet is unique and consists of intricate arrangement. This bouquet also goes well with exotic tropical flowers like anthuriums, monstera and birds of paradise.