Types of Vase And Know Which to Choose From

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You brought a handful of flowers, but you notice that after arranging the flowers, the vase is not suitable. Here are some tips that help guide you to choosing the right vase.

Column Vase

Tall and slender column that complements flowers that are long stemmed, such as lilies, gladioli and sunflowers.

Hourglass Vase

Suits flowers that have shorter stems and with large, round heads such as roses, hydrangeas and peonies.

Round Vase

Fish bowl shaped vase complements a hand-tied arrangement, or a posy of tulips, gerberas or roses.

Bud Vase

Best for showcasing individual stems or a cluster of petite blooms. Suitable for decorating tables for feasts.

Rectangular Vase

Modern-ly stylish and are suitable when you want to arrange single stems en masses like narcissi or tulips.