Bouquet Wrapping Facts That You May Not Know

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Buying a bouquet of flowers is like choosing clothes from a departmental store where there are so many selections available for you.

But did you know:

The style of the wrapping is not an official name for the wrapping style. If so, then why name it that way? It is because the style of wrapping is so widely adopted in a specific country, that people named that style based on the country it originated from.

What styles are well-known and used?

The well-known styles are Hong Kong Style, Korean Style, European Style and more to come; It depends on the majority demands from a certain place.

How do they differentiate from each other?

It may differ from:

  • The pattern of the flower arrangement
  • Quantity of the paper used to structure the wrapping

Example :

  1. Hong Kong Style bouquet has individual flowers wrapped in papers. Besides, the whole bouquet wrapping extends widely to the left and right.
  2. Korean Style feature collar-like designs that either fold in or out.
  3. Japanese style bouquet uses many miniature flowers to compose a bouquet
  4. European and USA bouquet use minimum wrapping papers as the wrappers are just to protect the flowers before they are taken off and put into their vases