Pick your guess which method can best prolong lifespan of flowers

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Have you ever wondered about the various stories that you heard on how to prolong a flower freshness? With the advancement of the internet, anything can be shared rapidly like wildfire regardless of its authenticity. A test was taken to test which way is effective to prolong the flowers’ freshness.


The simplest way to prolong and to keep flowers moisture.

Flower Food

Contains sugar which is the flowers’ food source, acidifier which lowers the pH level of the water, bleach that helps disinfect the water and stem unplugger that prevents stem from closing.

Aspirin or Panadol

It is said to lower the pH levels of the water, making it more habitable for the flowers and therefore prolonging the flowers.


Some said vodka reduces the flowers’ production of ethylene, which helps them mature and causes them to wilt and die. Vodka can also function as bleach in flower food does by eliminating the bacteria in the water. 

Sexual Performance Enhancer

It is said to contain nitric oxide, which can slow down the aging process of plants and flowers and thus, help them to live longer.

The Results

The flowers with the FLOWER FOOD were still standing straight with their petals still silky and hydrated.

The flowers in WATER and VODKA slumped over. However, the flowers soaked in VODKA is silkier compared to the rest of the flowers.

The the flowers that soaked in that ASPIRIN slumped and the stems had turned dark, indicating rotting stems.

The flowers of the SEXUAL PERFORMANCE ENHANCER has the worst result with its flowers slumped and dried out compared to the others.

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